Fashion Forward Scrubs

Fashion Forward Scrubs

The other day, I was chatting with this young healthcare professional, and we were talking about her sense of style. She had an amazing taste, so I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing pretty dull-looking scrubs while working. Turns out, it's because she couldn't find fashionable uniforms for medical professionals easily. We've actually been working on solving this issue in hospitals for a few years now, but since we're located in Delhi, our impact has mostly been limited to North India. After this  conversation, I started thinking about expanding our brand into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space and offering trendy scrub suits all across India. Our goal is to provide a solution for all those fashion-conscious doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals out there.

Fashion and healthcare may not seem like an obvious combination, but it's becoming more and more acceptable to think about style when it comes to medical professionals. After all, clothing is a way to express ourselves, and it can really boost our confidence and overall well-being. As workplaces become more diverse and inclusive, we need to recognize that personal style and self-expression are important in creating a fulfilling work environment. Even in hospitals where uniforms are mandatory, healthcare professionals can still add their own touch with accessories like beanie caps.

Fashion in healthcare isn't just about looking good, it can also have practical benefits. For example, using colorful and patterned scrub suits can help differentiate between different departments or roles within a hospital, which can be really useful in critical situations.

And it's not just about the aesthetics either. Even small changes to the cut and pattern of a uniform can make a big difference in how it looks overall. A well-fitted uniform can really transform someone's appearance, and adding extra pockets for functionality can be done with just a few tweaks to the design.

So, yeah, fashion in the medical profession is no longer something to brush off as trivial. It's an important aspect of individual expression and overall well-being. By incorporating stylish and functional elements into their attire, healthcare professionals can feel more confident and comfortable, which can ultimately lead to better patient outcomes. It's time to bring some style to the healthcare world!